Structural Challenges of Brick Masonry Recladding Projects

October 30, 2008
Publication: Proceedings of RCI 2008 Symposium on Building Envelope Technology
Author(s): Christina Parker Niklas Vigener Charles Russo

Abstract: Many commercial and multistory residential buildings constructed since 1960 are clad with brick masonry veneer. It is typically installed over steel stud or concrete masonry backup walls. After several decades in service, many of these buildings require significant façade rehabilitation work or even wholesale façade replacement in order to address water leaks, poor thermal performance, or appearance deficiencies. This work can alter the structural performance of exterior walls in unexpected ways. The speaker will discuss common brick masonry wall assemblies and available strategies to resist gravity and lateral loads. The presenter will also describe typical waterproofing and restoration needs. Case studies will demonstrate the structural performance of typical brick masonry wall assemblies and show strategies to upgrade their structural capacity.