Seismic Fragility and Risk Assessment of Waterfront Structures at the Port of San Francisco

February 13, 2020
Publication: PORTS '19
Author(s): Gayle Johnson Justin Pyun Hope Seligson Matt Wickens

A $5B program is underway at the Port of San Francisco to strengthen or replace the three mile long seawall. Part of the program is a multi-hazard risk assessment, evaluating the consequences of flooding due to sea level rise and earthquake damage to port infrastructure, such as the seawall, bulkhead wharves, over forty finger piers, and buildings and businesses on those marine structures, including the iconic Ferry Building. The assessment will also address key utilities and emergency response, addressing concerns with financial loss, life safety, emergency response, loss of historical architecture, and other factors. This paper will describe key factors of the seismic risk assessment, including development of seismic fragilities for the marine structures and buildings and describing how this will be used for prioritizing repairs and upgrades. This paper is one of a group of papers on this program being proposed for a special session.