Roofs with a View: Structure and Building Envelope Solutions

November 23, 2016
Publication: ABX 2016
Author(s): Christopher Coakley Michael Richard Katherine Wissink

Through a series of real case studies, this workshop will review structural and building envelope solutions for design projects involving the addition of a new roof deck to an existing building. Roof decks and green roofs are becoming increasing popular on new construction projects as well as with existing building renovations. However, existing roof structural and envelope systems can pose design limitations on the scale and scope of roof deck systems. This workshop will focus on design solutions ranging from design loading, structural system and material options, and life safety requirements to waterproofing, insulation, and decking systems. By understanding design options early on in a project, participants will be able to evaluate architectural, schedule, and cost implications associated with retrofitting the existing structure and building envelope.

Keywords: Green Roofs Roofing