Rising to the Challenge: Roofing Rehabilitation of the New York State Capitol

January 30, 2004
Publication: RCI Interface p 23-30
Author(s): Niklas Vigener James Jamieson

Abstract: Consider a list of single conditions that can make any roofing project significantly more challenging:|- Complex roof geometries and conditions|- A plethora of different roofing materials|- Extremely steep roof slopes|- Difficult access|- Lack of knowledge of the original roof structure with heavy construction loads on the roof|- A long history of chronic leakage problems|- Generations of failed attempts to correct leakage problems|- Interior usage that is sensitive to leakage in a building occupied by prominent, powerful individuals|- An historic building with strict review of the proposed reroofing to ensure that the roof appearance remains unchanged|Now imagine all these conditions on one single building, and you have a reroofing project that promised to be, at best, a great challenge to the owner, designer, and contractor, and at worst (and perhaps more likely) a nightmare that they would all prefer to forget. Through the hard work and diligence of all involved, this article describes the former: a great success story in rising to meet formidable challenges on the comprehensive roofing rehabilitation of the New York State Capitol in Albany.

Markets: Government