Remediation of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's W33 Cage Building

December 30, 2006
Publication: Wood Design Focus, AF&PA v 16 n 4 p 7-10
Author(s): Jeffrey Langlois Milan Vatovec Philip Westover Preston R.

Abstract: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) W33 Cage Building is a 32,000 square foot athletic facility, located on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The facility is a functional space for many of MIT's athletic programs. The roof structure is supported by twenty-four wooden lattice roof trusses with curved top chords. The trusses, spaced at roughly 12 feet 8 inches, span 100 feet from an interior line of support towards the east and west exterior walls. The support at the exterior walls is provided by steel columns, and the interior support consists of steel transfer trusses spanning 25 feet between steel columns. Rows of curved-chord trusses spanning on both sides of the interior line of supports produce a double-barrel vault roof profile. The trusses are believed to have been salvaged from a hangar building constructed during World War II.

Also printed in Structure Magazine, Sept 2007