Rehabilitation, Safety Improvement, and Life Extension of a Geriatric Concrete Marine Oil Terminal

February 13, 2020
Publication: PORTS '19
Author(s): Gayle Johnson William Bruin Cheng Lai John Chun

This paper will describe a $16M rehabilitation program of a 1960’s vintage, reinforced concrete marine oil terminal at the Port of Long Beach intended to enhance the performance and operational life of this critical infrastructure. The program involved replacement of the fender system, upgrading of the mooring hardware, improvement of the cargo transfer system, and comprehensive seismic strengthening of two berths. A key feature of the project was phasing work and regulatory submittals to minimize disruption of transfer operations during construction and permitting delays. This ongoing, 6-year program includes numerous innovative design features to improve operational safety and extend the operational life of the terminal at a cost well below that of complete replacement. The presentation will discuss design lessons learned and highlight innovative features employed by the program team.