Performance of marine oil and fueling terminals impacted by tsunami and hurricane storm surge

June 29, 2014
Publication: 33rd PIANC World Congress (2014) and AGA ’14 Proceedings; San Francisco, CA, June 1-5, 2014
Author(s): William Bruin

Abstract: This paper summarizes the observations and findings of the performance of several marine oil and fueling terminals subjected to the 11 March 2011 Great Tohuko Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and the October 2012 Superstore Sandy storm surge inundation in Hudson County, New Jersey, USA. This paper focuses on the findings as they relate to performance of liquid fuel transfer and fueling|infrastructure and operations directly impacted by tsunami and storm surge inundation. Terminal damage, response, and recovery are all examined. Parallel comparisons between the effects of tsunami and hurricane storm surge as well as recommendations appropriate for this specific portion of the greater maritime community are also provided. Many of the lessons learned can be directly applied to minimizing the risk of significant operational disruption of marine oil and fueling terminals situated in areas vulnerable to hurricane storm surge or tsunami.