Performance of Ledges in Inverted-T Beams

March 7, 2017
Publication: Structural Journal
Author(s): Nancy Varney David B. Garber Eulalio Fernández Gómez Oguzhan Bayrak

Researchers have not extensively studied the behavior of inverted-T (IT) beams experiencing ledge failures. The work described in this paper aims to fill that gap in knowledge by providing data from tests conducted on full-scale IT beams. To the authors’ knowledge, this study was part of one of the largest experimental studies conducted on full-scale IT beams. While the focus of the overall study was the design of IT deep beams, the diversity of specimen geometries led to failure of several ledges. The findings from the behavior and failure of these ledges led to an investigation of the load spread and engagement of ledge and hanger reinforcement (approximately 45 degrees from the edge of bearings), different failure mechanisms of ledges (punching shear, ledge flexure, and ledge shear friction being most critical), and the ability of current design procedures (empirical ledge approach and strut-and-tie method) to estimate the behavior.