Nonlinear Response of a Structure with Significant Soil-Structure Interaction Effects for Application to Seismic Fragility Evaluation

September 13, 2019
Publication: 25th Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology
Author(s): Philip Hashimoto Juan Jimenez-Chong David Nakaki Robert P. Kennedy

An important element of structure seismic fragility evaluation for seismic probabilistic risk assessment is determination of the inelastic energy absorption factor. This factor accounts for a structure’s ability to withstand earthquake ground motions in excess of those causing yield through ductile nonlinear response. Methods for determination of the inelastic energy absorption factor have been benchmarked against nonlinear analysis results for fixed-base structures (i.e., structures without significant soil-structure interaction (SSI) effects).
This paper presents a study that investigated nonlinear response of a nuclear structure with significant SSI effects. Nonlinear analyses of an actual nuclear structure founded on soil were performed using a simple nonlinear model. Inelastic energy absorption factors for an ensemble of earthquake acceleration time histories were determined. The method typically used to determine the inelastic energy absorption factor was modified to account for SSI. The modified method obtained a median inelastic energy absorption factor closely matching that obtained by the nonlinear analyses.

Markets: Nuclear