Mitigation of Damage to Buildings Adjacent to Construction Sites in Urban Environments

September 29, 2010
Publication: Structure Magazine p 10-12
Author(s): Milan Vatovec Paul Kelley Michael Brainerd Charles Russo

Abstract: Construction of buildings in congested urban settings often results in damage to existing structures located on adjacent sites. The underlying cause of damage is typically lack of planning and proper care before or during construction, or unpredictability of existing conditions. However, even the most careful planning and implementation can result in damage when adjacent existing buildings are fragile structures that can be especially susceptible to ground movement (due to excavation and dewatering) or vibrations (due to demolition, pile driving, and other construction activities).  Once the damage occurs, it is in all parties' best interests to resolve claims quickly and amicably. Some of the processes associated with evaluation, immediate response, and long-term remediation of damage are described in this article. Click to read the full article.