Metal Roofing - Tips on Ensuring Long-Term Performance

June 29, 2007
Publication: Metal Architecture
Author(s): Jeffry Ceruti

Abstract: Steep metal roofing has continued to be a popular choice of designers and owners for several years now. While the majority of installations perform well, some have learned the hard way that metal roofing systems are not simple, either in design of construction. Because building designs vary widely, the layout and detailing of metal roofing is often customized from project to project, and is subject to the designer's conceptions which may contradict what has proven to be good practice in the industry. This opens the door for performance issues with metal roofing which, unlike membrane roof coverings, are difficult to repair once the roof is completed. This article discussed some of the prevailing issues found with metal roofing systems, and provides tips on how to avoid problems in design and construction.