Lessons Learned From 100+ Projects on CFRP Repair of Pipelines

April 13, 2017
Publication: North American Society for Trenchless Technology
Author(s): Murat Engindeniz

Since the beginning of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) lining of pipes in the late 1990s, thousands of feet of pipe have been lined with CFRP in hundreds of projects across the United States. In the last decade, the author has been directly involved in the initial and final development of this technology and has applied it to pipes with various diameters, distress conditions, design loads, etc. in more than one hundred projects. The experience and learnings from each project have contributed to the refinement or development of new planning, design, construction, quality control and quality assurance practices. As this technology remains a specialty repair method, understanding and following the best practices throughout different project stages is crucial for overall success. This paper shares the experiences gained in the last decade and highlights key aspects of this technology for successful applications.