An Introduction to Building Enclosure Commissioning

December 5, 2017
Publication: The Fulcrum Group, New York, NY
Author(s): Matthew Normandeau

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is most effective when it starts early in the design process, includes meaningful involvement, is completed by qualified firms/staff, and is not oversimplified (using checklists). BECx is a process that begins with the establishment of the owner’s project requirements and endeavors to ensure that the exterior enclosure and those elements intended to provide environmental separation within a building or structure meet or exceed the expectations of the owner. 

This presentation will describe the intent behind BECx and outline the primary tasks involved with delivering a BECx project. We will provide guidance on building a cost effective and efficient BECx process that provides value to projects and meets the requirements of various industry documents.