Inputs and analyses: An end user's perspective of heat-air-moisture data

September 29, 2007
Publication: Journal of ASTM International (JAI) v 4 n 8
Author(s): Christopher Decareau Liyen Kan Joseph P. Pinon

Abstract: Hygrothermal simulation programs (HSPs) have the potential to help the way building enclosures are designed If end users are convinced the results are reliable. However, HSPs suffer from a lack of manufacturer-specific material data. HSP users often "create" materials by scouring multiple sources for hygrothermal properties. To the less familiar HSP user, significant error can be introduced Into simulations by using properties that are calculated from variable sources. Through a series of case studies, this paper illustrates how material properties can make a difference In hygrothermal calculations and, ultimately, material specification. Also published in Heat-Air-Moisture Transport: Measurements on Building Materials, ASTM Special Technical Publication: STP 1495, p 80-87, 2007