Excavation Risks Adjacent to Existing Structures in Illinois and Urban Environments – Identifying and Managing Technical and Legal Issues

October 22, 2019
Publication: DFI 44th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations
Author(s): Scott DiFiore Matthew Johnson Gregory Meeder James Chivilo

New construction in metropolitan areas has direct impacts on immediate neighbors and abutters. While noise and dust are generally nuisance concerns, demolition, vibrations, excavation, and dewatering can cause structural damage to adjacent structures. Different cities, states, or jurisdictions have different regulations that dictate requirements, roles, or responsibilities for varying parties during construction. The authors will introduce and discuss risks of new construction adjacent to existing structures, and the legal framework in Illinois which requires the owner of the new construction project to provide adequate protections for adjacent existing structures. The authors, who are engineers and attorneys, will discuss technical and legal concerns, and will highlight the importance of early and frequent communication among project participants to manage risks, despite whether or not any local regulations exist to drive the process.

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