Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Parking Structures: Part 1

January 30, 2006
Publication: Parking Magazine
Author(s): Michael Brainerd Charles Russo

Abstract: This article discusses the deterioration of older concrete parking structures, the type of testing available to determine the structure's condition, and how to estimate the future performance of repair and protection alternatives. De-icing salts in cold climates are brought into concrete structures on car tires, which cause corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. The corrosion eventually causes spalling, or dislodgement, of the concrete over the reinforcing steel. The article describes a typical condition survey which looks for cracking, previous repairs, spalled concrete, delaminated concrete, the location and condition of construction and expansion joints, the slab finish, the presence and condition of sealer, scaling and popouts, location and condition of drains, signs of ponding, and delaminated or spalled concrete at column bases. Field testing involves sounding the surface of the concrete, and the use of pachometer surveys, ground penetrating radar, impulse response and impact echo tests, and half-cell potential tests, among others. The article describes laboratory testing and structural review of the deteriorating structure.

Markets: Parking