Design requirements for prequalified steel moment connections: Their historic development and present-day use

April 29, 2008
Publication: Crossing Borders: Proceedings of the 2008 Structures Congress. April 24-26, 2008, Vancouver, BC, Canada, ASCE

While engineers in the Western U.S. are likely familiar with the rigorous connection design requirements instituted following the Northridge earthquake, many engineers in the central and eastern U.S. are just becoming familiar with the very specific seismic detailing requirements for moment and braced frames, which have been evoked more broadly across the country with the adoption of the 2006 IBC. Observations in the field and testing have led the steel industry to adopt a cautious and responsible approach to the seismic design of moment connections, highlighting the need to trust, but verify, the results of a design developed by analysis. Though perhaps more complex than the methods of practice that were prevalent in the past, it is hoped that the provisions of this Standard will assist designers in adequately ensuring the safety of the public by providing reliable, predictable hinge mechanisms that will prevent the collapse of structures.

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