Design and Fabrication of Precast Segmental Concrete Foundations in the U.S. and Erection in the Remote Arctic

May 30, 2013
Publication: 2013 Structures Congress, Proceedings of the 2013 Structures Congress, May 2-4, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA, ASCE
Author(s): Cory Brett Scott DiFiore Dominic Kelly Cheever, Paul J.

Abstract: Designing structures in northern Greenland, where the environment consists of extremely cold temperatures, permafrost subgrade, and high wind speeds, presents a number of technical and logistical challenges. In this specific case study, procurement of construction materials in the United States, delivery to a multinational installation in Greenland, limited availability of construction equipment and materials, and a restrictive three-month summer construction season all contributed to a complex engineering and construction pursuit. This case study discusses how U.S.-based engineers successfully overcame these challenges by working closely with a domestic concrete precaster, domestic and foreign steel fabricators, and a foreign general contractor. The authors highlight several approaches that the design and construction teams implemented on this international project to satisfy the technical and logistical project constraints, with a focus on the precast foundation design, fabrication, and installation.

Services: Structural Design
Markets: Government