Description of Structural Damage Caused by the Terrorist Attack on the Pentagon

August 30, 2005
Publication: Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities - ASCE v 19 n 3 p 197-205
Author(s): Donald Dusenberry Mlakar, P.F. Harris, J.R. Haynes G.A. Phan, L.T. Sozen, M.A.

Abstract: On September 11, 2001, an airliner was intentionally crashed into the Pentagon. It struck at the first elevated slab on the west wall, and slid approximately 310ft (94.5m) diagonally into the building. The force of the collision demolished numerous columns and the façade of the exterior wall, and induced damage to first-floor columns and the first elevated slab over an area approximately 90ft (27.4m) wide and 310ft (94.5m) long. None of the building collapsed immediately. The portion that remained standing, even after an intense fire, sustained substantial damage at the first-floor level.