Corrosion Mitigation Strategies for Parking Structures

November 12, 2014
Author(s): Michael Brainerd Greggrey Cohen

salt truckParking structures in cold climates are exposed to more severe conditions than most other buildings. Vehicles bring in rainwater, snow, and deicing salts. Roof-level and perimeter areas of open parking structures are exposed to windblown rain and snow. Open, unheated parking structures must endure large daily and seasonal temperature variations. Parking structures designed through about the mid-1980s were designed with what has turned out to be inadequate corrosion protection, and owners and managers are now faced with decisions about how best to extend the useful life of these deteriorating structures. Fortunately, structural engineers today can employ several corrosion mitigation technologies individually or in combinations to slow, and in some instances theoretically stop, ongoing corrosion damage.

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