Condition Assessment of Utah Highway Culverts and Determination of Culvert Performance Measures

December 30, 2004
Publication: Proceedings of the 2004 World Water and Environmental Resources Congress p 3435-3444
Author(s): Jesse Beaver McGrath, Timothy J. Leonard B.

Abstract: The Utah Department of Transportation installed and manages over 47,000 culverts but has no comprehensive, quantitative method for evaluating the performance of these culverts. UDOT initiated a study to assess culverts throughout the state, develop performance measures to evaluate these installed culverts, and determine performance ratings for their structural and hydraulic performance. UDOT contracted with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. for this work. Culvert inspections included primarily metal, concrete, and plastic culverts up to five feet in diameter. Numeric performance ratings were determined and used to make recommendations for culvert maintenance and inspection. Inspected culverts are performing well. Average ratings for all pipe materials are approximately equal. The problems unique to each type of culvert pipe material are discussed.

Markets: Highway & Tunnel