Comparative seismic performance of four structural systems

April 29, 2006
Publication: Proceedings of the 8th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, April 18-22, 2006, San Francisco, California, USA v 1 n 149 p 11-20
Author(s): Ronald Mayes Craig Goings Stephen Harris Naguib, Wassim I.

Abstract: This paper provides a comparison of the maximum inter-story drifts and floor response spectra of both a three and nine story building each with four different steel structural systems - moment frame, buckling restrained braced frame, viscously damped frame and a base isolated braced frame. Each of the building models were analyzed as fully non-linear structures and subjected to a total of 10 time histories each. One set of five time histories was representative of a 50% in 50 year earthquake, while the other set was representative of a 10% in 50 year earthquake. Both sets were developed for the Los Angeles area. The results of each set of five were averaged and reported separately.

Also presented at the Eleventh US-Japan Workshop on Improvement of Structural Design and Construction Practices, Kobe Japan, October 2005.