A Change in the Air: How New VOC Regulations Affect Building Enclosures

March 30, 2010
Publication: Construction Specifier
Author(s): Joshua Kivela

For the most part, VOC-related rules focus on lowering ozone production at factories and during product use. Ozone is necessary and plentiful 19 to /18 km I I2 to 30 mi above the Earth's surface, where it offers protection from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, at ground level, it poses problems when it accumulates in high concentrations. Two kinds of pollution -- nitrogen oxides LNO, and VOCs -- react when it is hot and sunny to produce 'surface-level' ozone. Most of these chemicals come from cars, trucks, and other vehicles, but a significant portion is generated by construction materials such as paints and other coatings, adhesives, primers, and sealants.

Keywords: Material-Related