Building Enclosure Compliance Testing - The How and Why

November 23, 2016
Publication: ABX 2016

What are the risks in the enclosure design and how can an owner and designer verify performance and compliance, especially for critical design elements? How do owners and designers know they have the correct materials, a functioning assembly, and good workmanship? When is testing appropriate and cost effective? Who should own the testing? When should tests be conducted? What is the difference between mockup tests and compliance tests? Building enclosure field and material testing is a fundamental part of any compliance program, but it can be confusing. designers and owners are not always clear on what testing to include, why testing is applicable, the appropriate performance criteria, or if testing is worth the cost and schedule impacts. This presentation will demystify conformance testing by reviewing typical construction testing techniques using case studies, discussing appropriate testing goals, how to specify, how to execute, and what the results mean.