May 30, 2004

Slate and Clay Tile Roofing Defy Father Time

On older roofs, high-quality clay tile or natural slate frequently outlast the original metal flashings and roofing underlayment, for example, asphalt-saturated felt paper that help to make the roof watertight. The question frequently facing...

May 30, 2004

Structural Design of Stormwater Chambers

By: Phillip Sharff, Jesse Beaver, McGrath, Timothy J.

Abstract: Environmental Protection Agency requirements for control of stormwater runoff are increasing the need to provide on-site stormwater storage as part of site development projects. Underground stormwater storage is one solution to this...

May 30, 2004

Glass Facade Assessment

By: Thomas Schwartz

Abstract: Glass is the most widely used building facade material. No other material matches its optical clarity, durability, economy, and ability to control light and heat transfer. Despite these attractive properties, the inherent brittleness...

May 30, 2004

Service Life Tests for Roofing Membranes

By: Cash, Carl G., Bailey D.M., Paroli R.M., Arthur Davies, David Niles, Delgado A.H.

Abstract: This research measured selected physical characteristics of twelve roofing membranes before and after oven heat and ultraviolet exposure. To make these data useful for comparing values, identical test methods and conditions were used...

May 30, 2004

Wear Estimation of a Wheel-on-Track System for Radio Telescopes

By: Rose, Brian D., Frank Kan, Joseph Antebi, Juneja, Gunjeet

Abstract: Many radio telescopes are supported by wheel-on-track systems composed of wheel bogies and wear plates mounted on base plates. In some installations, migration of the wear plates 
has been observed between the wear and...

May 30, 2004

Leak-tracking techniques: how to find non-roof related leaks

Abstract: When is interior water damage not the result of a roof leak? Wall leaks, plumbing leaks, and condensation can be interpreted as coming from the roof. How do you find the source? Visual examinations of interior and exterior surfaces...

April 29, 2004

Structural Design of Polypropylene Chambers Using Plastic Pipe Analysis, Design, and Test Methods

By: Jesse Beaver, McGrath, Timothy J., Phillip Sharff

Abstract: Plastic pipe has been used for many years in applications to control surface water runoff by detention, retention, and infiltration. Review of deficiencies with available pipe geometries resulted in creation of a new product,...

April 1, 2004

Office Fit-Out and Floor Vibrations

By: Christopher Hewitt, Thomas M. Murray

Gone are the days of offices with tall partitions, heavy file cabinets, and large, filled bookshelves, and with them has gone the inherent redundancy of office buildings against floor vibration. Although sometimes mistakenly associated with the...

March 30, 2004

Design of steel structures for blast-related progressive collapse resistance

By: Ronald Hamburger, Whittaker, Andrew

Abstract: Structural design of steel structures in buildings to resist the effects of potential blasts is discussed. Steel building systems are found to be ideal due to the toughness of structural steel as a material and the relative ease of...

March 30, 2004

Effects of Reference Displacement and Damage Accumulation in Wood Shear Walls

By: Jeffrey Langlois, Gupta R., Miller T.

Abstract: The objectives of this study were: (1) to evaluate the effect of reference displacement on wall behavior under fully reversed cyclic loading using the Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREE) test...