September 13, 2019

Equipment Capacities from Earthquake Experience Data for Use in Fragility Calculations

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has recently researched the development of refined equipment capacities from earthquake experience data for use in fragility calculations, which is a key component of nuclear seismic probabilistic risk...

September 13, 2019

A Probabilistic Assessment of PWR SNF Rod Pinching Failure Considering Hydride-Related Cladding Embrittlement

By: Ricardo Medina, Elmar Eidelpes, Luis F. Ibarra

A probabilistic assessment of the likelihood of PWR SNF rod failure considering hydride-related cladding embrittlement after dry storage cool-down of 300 years is presented. The investigated rod failure mechanism is cladding cracking caused by...

September 13, 2019

Case Study Investigating Probabilistic and Deterministic Sampling Methods for Developing In-Structure Response Spectra: Phase II

The goal of this ongoing, multi-phase research project is to assess the accuracy of simplified deterministic sampling methods used in practice to estimate seismic structural response compared to more rigorous probabilistic sampling approaches....

August 6, 2019

Survey Level Condition Assessment of Bar-Wrapped and Steel Pipe

By: Murat Engindeniz, Troy Bontrager, David Zavala, Paul Murray

There is a significant amount of AWWA C303 bar-wrapped pipe (BWP) and C200 steel pipe water transmission mains installed across the United States. While condition assessment of aging BWP lines has typically not received as much attention as some...

August 6, 2019

Performance of CFRP-Lined PCCP with Continuing Wire Breakage

By: Murat Engindeniz, Rasko Ojdrovic, Michael P. Gipsov

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) has been using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) liners for repair of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) since mid-2000s. As part of its repair program, WSSC also performs investigations...

August 6, 2019

Rehabilitation of a Critical High-Pressure Transmission Main underneath and in the Vicinity of a Major Highway

By: Murat Engindeniz, Kristen Peterson, Roman Obzejta, Sarah Mathis

The joint transmission main (JTM) is part of the 38 mile long Joint Regional Water Supply System, operated and maintained by the South Coast Water District in California. The pipeline, made of 60 in. diameter PCCP manufactured in early 1960s,...

July 31, 2019

Enhanced Effective Thickness Method for Cantilevered Laminated Glass Balustrades

By: Adam Nizich, Laura Galuppi

Cantilevered laminated glass balustrades supported by bearing in continuous base shoes are among the most ordinary applications of structural glass. The performance of laminated glass is commonly approximated with the Effective Thickness Method...

July 31, 2019

Enhancing the Light – Curved Insulated Glass Unit Design Study

By: Adam Nizich, Sam Baer, Silvia Prandelli, Kelly Burkhart

Curved insulated glass units formed by tempered bending or annealed slumped bending offer a bold expression of architectural design with transparency and energy efficiency. As more skins with complex geometry are built, design teams need to...

July 29, 2019

Damping modification factor for elastic floor spectra

By: Ricardo Medina, Hamidreza Anajafi

Nonstructural components (NSCs) housed in building structures are subject to semi-narrow band excitations generated via filtering of the ground motion by the supporting building. NSC design forces are generally provided based on adopting a 5% NSC...

July 16, 2019

Three Technologies to Watch in Fire, Life Safety

Many new fire and life safety technologies and innovations remain notable, and they may yet achieve greater use and application in the future. It is possible that some or all of them have achieved greater use in a specific market. There are...