Astronomers and scientists demand sophisticated telescopes to collect wave energy and produce high-quality images. Similarly, defense entities require high performance reflector and phased array radar antennas. To accomplish these goals, the antenna and telescope structures need to meet stringent requirements for natural frequency; tight tolerances on deformations under dynamic, gravity, and environmental loads; and design requirements for fatigue under cyclic loads. SGH addresses these challenges by developing high-performance designs that meet stringent owner requirements.


SGH has built a solid foundation for advanced engineering services based on experience with large-scale computer analyses and design dating back to 1962. We work with scientific and defense industries developing state-of-the-art concepts in structural design and metrology to achieve stringent design requirements. SGH brings this capability to clients through structural analysis and design, performance evaluation, repair development, and construction support.

Within the United States and abroad, clients look to SGH for assistance with all types of antennas and telescopes, including radio and optical telescopes, radar and communication antennas, and phased array radars. Our strengths include the following:

  • Knowledge to define appropriate operating and survival design loads, including wind, thermal, and seismic, for a given site
  • Experience with a broad range of construction materials from high-performance composites to conventional concrete, steel, and aluminum
  • Analysis expertise (static, dynamic, thermal, and nonlinear analysis) for stresses and deflections using NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS, and proprietary codes for analysis of antenna gain and pointing
  • Evaluation of radio frequency performance from deformations from load
  • Metrology and error analysis