Soil-Structure Interaction

The response of partially or fully buried structures or infrastructure is influenced by interaction with the surrounding soil.  SGH performs soil-structure interaction (SSI) analyses to evaluate the true responses of these systems.




SGH performs a broad range of services in soil structure interaction (SSI) analysis and wave propagation for the calculation of responses of structures, systems, and components (SSCs) to seismic and impact loads.  We perform SSI analyses of new and existing SSCs, including the following:


  • High hazard facilities

  • Nuclear reactor for COLA

  • Buried tanks, silos, vaults, facilities, and SSCs

  • Partially embedded or at-grade facilities

  • Tunnels

  • Buried piping systems

  • Piers and wharfs supported by piles


SGH uses computer programs, such as SASSI, CLASSI, and SHAKE to simulate frequency-dependent soil impedance, damping values and wave propagation and finite element programs, such as ABAQUS and NASTRAN to calculate the dynamic SSI responses of structures and infrastructure.