Seismic Engineering and Retrofit

An evolving understanding of seismic events and seismic regulations affects how we comply with buildings codes, address occupant safety, plan for resumption of normal operations, and design for lower construction costs.  SGH offers experience-based seismic engineering services that give architects, owners, property managers, engineers, and contractors practical ways to achieve these goals.


SGH offers a wide range of hands-on design, investigation, and rehabilitation services for structures that have suffered or may be susceptible to earthquake damage.  We couple our advanced seismic expertise with extensive structural engineering capabilities to identify and mitigate seismic deficiencies in all types of structures.  SGH is a leader in the development and application of performance-based seismic engineering for new and existing buildings, enabling construction of structures not covered by the building codes, and allowing owners to target project-specific performance.  Our leadership role in major industry organizations and our ongoing contributions to code and standards development ensure that we stay at the forefront of seismic technology.

Our seismic engineering projects include retrofits, testing, and analyses for:

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Industrial facilities
  • Equipment and nonstructural components

SGH seismic engineering services include:

  • Evaluation and retrofit of structures
  • Use of base isolation, dampers, mass dampers, and other protective technologies
  • Post-earthquake assessment and repair
  • Development of post-earthquake response plans and manuals
  • Seismic instrumentation of buildings
  • Soil-structure interaction analysis
  • Probabilistic risk assessments
  • Due-diligence studies, including probable maximum loss studies
  • Peer reviews
  • Criteria and code development
  • Seismic qualification of equipment and products