Preservation Technology

Successful repairs to historic buildings require more than an understanding of materials or recognizing symptoms of problems. Successful repair is achieved by understanding the nature and root causes of problems and by approaching solutions in a way that balances effective treatments, historic issues, and project budgets. Poorly conceived or executed repairs can lead to rapid deterioration, reduced service life, and in some cases, can leave the building in worse condition.


A successful repair program maximizes the useful life of a building and preserves its historic integrity. SGH works with clients to help define the proper level of intervention for each building or structure we work with. We do this through:

  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Options planning and analysis
  • Repair documents
  • Construction administration

SGH begins such a program by understanding the needs of the building, its stakeholders, and the intrinsic significance of the building. We use a multi-phase approach that is consistent with the building's significance and sensitive to owner and occupant needs. SGH strengths include:

  • Nondestructive testing and in-house laboratory testing
  • Prioritizing issues based on our understanding of building systems relationships
  • Careful consideration of the requirements and philosophy of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties