MOTEMS audit

Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS) apply to all existing and new California marine oil terminals.  The standards include criteria for above water and underwater inspection; structural and seismic rehabilitation; new design; mooring and berthing; and fire, piping, mechanical, and electrical systems.  SGH offers a wide range of technical services needed to address the full range of audit requirements and to develop practical design solutions.


SGH has the specialized expertise necessary to perform MOTEMS audits, can demonstrate a proven history of successful audit submittals and upgrade designs, and is currently leading the efforts at eleven California marine terminals.

Our staff participated in the MOTEMS development and is intimately familiar with the MOTEMS regulations.  We have the necessary experience to coordinate with the California State Lands Commission and work as advocates for our clients.

As a leader in this specialized field, we are poised to offer value-driven solutions and designs that fit both the scale of the problem and the budget requirements of our clients. 

SGH’s MOTEMS-related services include the following:

  • MOTEMS subsequent audit report preparation
  • Above water and underwater structural inspections
  • Condition and fitness-for-purpose assessments
  • Mechanical and electrical system audits
  • Fire suppression system audits
  • Fire hazard and risk assessments and design
  • Fire prevention assessments
  • Critical system assessments
  • Mooring and berthing assessments
  • Seismic assessments and rehabilitation
  • Pipeline stress analysis
  • Terminal Operating Limits (TOLs) development
  • Passing vessel effects determination
  • Approach velocity monitoring
  • Tsunami and sea level rise assessments
  • Peer review services
  • Structural and mechanical upgrade designs
  • Negotiations with the California State Lands Commission on behalf of operators