Laboratory Testing and Analysis

SGH has in-house laboratory facilities that enable our engineers to conduct testing and analysis on materials for condition assessment, failure analysis, and new system design. The diverse expertise of our staff allows us to provide comprehensive investigations for a broad range of materials systems.


Mechanical Testing. Our axial load machines allow us to conduct a broad range of mechanical tests.

  • Tension and compression loading to a limit of 600 kip

  • Fatigue testing at frequencies up to 30 Hz

  • Environmental chamber for extreme temperature testing

  • Macro- and micro-hardness testing

  • Specialized tests such as shear, fracture toughness, adhesion, and delamination

Chemical and Thermal Measurements. Surface and bulk analysis of materials composition is critical to understanding material properties.

  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy measurements of organic constituents

  • Energy dispersive x-ray analysis of surface elemental composition

  • Thermal gravimetric analysis of bulk polymers

  • Differential scanning calorimetry thermal analysis of materials

Microstructural and Fractographic Analysis. Characterization of the bulk microstructure and surface morphology of a material is a critical part of a failure investigation.

  • Metallographic techniques to resolve metallic microstructures

  • Quantitative optical microscopy to measure microstructural parameters

  • Characterization of fracture surfaces using scanning electron microscopy and stereomicroscope imaging

Environmental Exposure. SGH can perform long-term exposure testing in a wide range of aggressive environments.

  • Salt fog chamber

  • Corrosive liquids

  • High temperature gases

  • Ultra-violet exposure


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