Green / Sustainable Design

Sustainability in the built environment means more than a LEED® rating.

  • Truly sustainable solutions significantly reduce the use of most non-renewable resources.
  • Truly sustainable materials include salvaged, recycled, local, and renewable materials. Truly sustainable buildings have low maintenance and few repairs.
  • Truly sustainable, zero-net-energy buildings utilize highly efficient building enclosures and on-site or local renewable energy sources for heating, cooling, and lighting.

SGH recognizes the need to move toward true sustainability and appreciates the challenges. Our expertise in building systems helps our clients take the necessary steps toward achieving their project sustainability goals from reduced operating costs, to LEED certification, to true sustainability.


We are committed to incorporating sustainable principles throughout our professional practice and operations. While serving our clients and maintaining quality, we:

  • Apply engineering and scientific methods to reduce environmental impacts and improve human health
  • Emphasize durability, energy efficiency, adaptability, maintainability, recyclability, reusability, and low toxicity

SGH integrates sustainable practices in our building design, investigation, and rehabilitation projects. Our services include:

  • Environmentally sensitive building enclosure and structural design
  • Building energy modeling
  • Building enclosure commissioning, peer review, and post-occupancy assessment
  • Mechanical system retrocommissioning to improve energy efficiency
  • Pragmatic evaluation of “green” materials, components, and systems
  • Comprehensive energy-use studies and sustainability assessments of existing buildings