Fire Engineering

Fire and life safety are critical considerations for modern building designs.  With experience in standard fire resistance design and structural fire engineering, SGH consults on designs for new and existing buildings and investigates structures subjected to fires.  


SGH has significant expertise with all aspects of fire and life safety including fire, smoke, and occupant issues.  We apply this expertise with our experience in building design and development of industry codes and standards to provide clients with a wide range of offerings including the following: 

  • Code consulting for all facilities, buildings, and structures
  • Enhancing structural fire protection by integrating fire and structural modeling analysis
  • Improving design flexibility with computer modeling for fire, smoke, and occupant egress
  • Developing and applying performance-based design criteria to projects
  • Analyzing safety as it relates to the human factor and the interaction of people and fire
  • Applying structural fire engineering to preserving historic buildings and structures 

SGH works with building owners and managers, designers, and construction teams to analyze building use and the effects of fire and smoke on the building’s occupants and systems.  Following fires, we investigate building systems, assess structural adequacy, and identify the causes of unexpected performance.