Building Enclosure Commissioning

Owners and design professionals are pursuing higher performance levels for building environments to meet their own goals and evolving industry guidelines. These design targets typically include LEED ratings, net-zero energy, or unusual environments (e.g. high/low humidity).


In order to achieve new and higher building performance levels, we use enclosure commissioning to enhance and validate functionality. Inadequate building enclosure designs are very difficult and expensive to fix once a building is complete. Therefore, the commissioning process must start at the design phase and continue through the construction process. SGH can analyze heat, air, and moisture flow levels; check details for continuity at key transitions; assist contractors in mock-ups and installation techniques; and help test components to validate performance. In addition, our building enclosure commissioning services include close consultation with mechanical system designers.

SGH provides a range of commissioning capabilities to address LEED, energy, and other performance-related goals for enclosures. Our approach includes:

  • Establishing a comprehensive quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) process during pre-design that fits with the design team’s overall QA/QC efforts

  • Reviewing the enclosure system drawings and specifications and providing comments and recommendations

  • Assisting contractors through mock-ups and installation issues, construction activity, and dynamic testing of enclosure assemblies


SGH can also provide construction checklists and systems manuals to assist with construction monitoring and building maintenance.