Blast Analysis & Resistance

Many types of facilities require blast-resistant components and structures. Depending on the required level of blast resistance, the evaluation can range from a review of individual components to a progress collapse analysis. With our collective experience in structural and building enclosure design, investigation, and rehabilitation, SGH provides a comprehensive range of blast engineering services.


SGH has extensive experience designing structures to resist blast loadings and assessing blast effects on existing structures. Our capabilities include analyzing and designing glazing and wall systems, calculating blast pressures from specified threats, evaluating structures for progressive collapse, and designing per multiple standards for blast resistance. We can provide the following services:

  • Establishing criteria for evaluation based on federal and industry guidelines

  • Determining levels of blast loading

  • Evaluating impact from airborne debris and other items

  • Developing blast-load models and testing programs

  • Conducting conceptual studies

  • Performing structural and dynamic analyses

  • Evaluating structures for progressive collapse

  • Conducting risk analyses of structural systems, structural and non-structural components, and equipment

  • Coordinating cost-benefit analyses for blast-resistant construction

We apply lessons learned from investigating blast-related events to designing blast-resistant buildings, blast containment chambers, nuclear facilities, and other structures that require protection from blast, impact, and other impulsive loads.