Touring DC’s First Net-Zero Renovation

Posted on March 13, 2018
DC net-zero renovation

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) headquarters is currently undergoing the first “net-zero” renovation in Washington, DC, meaning the building will produce enough energy onsite to match its annual energy consumption. Several design elements contribute to the building’s energy production, including a photovoltaic array, a green wall, and a sewer heat exchange system. SGH has served as enclosure consultant to AGU and Hickok Cole, the lead architect, during the design and construction phases of this precedent-setting project.

Project team members – including representatives from AGU, Mark G. Anderson Consultants, Hickok Cole, Skanska, and SGH – recently led a construction tour of the headquarters for the Building Enclosure Council of Washington, DC (BEC-DC) on 27 February 2018. Many BEC-DC members joined us for the tour to ask questions about the project and net-zero building enclosures.

Special thanks go to AGU and BEC-DC for hosting this great event, and to Jack M. Nuttmann, BEC Chair, for sharing the photos from the tour.

See more photos from the BEC tour.
Read about the AGU project. 

Photo courtesy of Jack M. Nuttmann, BEC Chair.

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