Pouncing on Hunger for Canstruction New York

Posted by Lauren Feinstein on November 13, 2019
canstruction new york

Last weekend, a team from Simpson Gumpertz & Heger’s (SGH) New York office joined together to build a structure entirely out of canned food as part of the 27th Annual Canstruction New York Exhibit at Brookfield Place in Lower Manhattan. Facing off against other engineers, architects, and construction professionals, we built a structure out of 2,285 cans of tuna, chicken, pumpkin, tomatoes, and beans – all of which will be donated to City Harvest following the competition and will feed 1,373 New Yorkers. Our entry, “Nyan Can Cat,” features a nearly five-foot tall flying cat and rainbow inspired by the popular meme. The exhibit will be on display through 21 November before the winning structures are announced. 

Special thanks go to my SGH team members for taking part in the competition: Desiree Aighobahi, Leoni Garbis, Steven Hall, Anya LaRoche, Christiana Rosales, David Ribbans, Cheryl Saldanha, Alexander Stephani, Edward Stimpson, and Matthew Vong. Robert Abdullah also joined us to take photos during the event. 

Vote for People’s Choice or visit the exhibition. 

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