Low-Cost Infrastructure Upgrade: Structural Steel Plate Buried Bridges

Posted by Jesse Beaver on August 10, 2017
Structural Steel Plate Buried Bridges

National engineering organizations like the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Council of Engineering Companies agree that there is a large and growing need for infrastructure investment in the United States. Many of those investments will go to address structural deficiencies in bridges across the country. For many of those short- and medium-span bridges, a buried bridge system can be a lower-cost alternative than a traditional replacement project. 

I recently wrote about these projects and gave some usage and design guidance for structural steel plate buried bridges in Civil + Structural Engineer magazine. This subject is of great interest to me, especially in my work as chair of the Transportation Research Board’s Technical Committee AFF70 on Culverts and Hydraulic Structures and our ongoing research. 

Read the article.

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