In the Field: Cabo Hurricane Odile, Day 3

Posted by Greggrey Cohen on October 1, 2014
hurricane odile

At my first stop of the day, I see the entrance doors to Gloria Jean's Coffee in San Jose are gone. There was no coffee until 7:00 a.m., but the barista was kind enough to heat the water for the cafĂ© americano so I could be on my way.  

Outside, many electrical utility service vehicles lined the streets ready for the day. Military police cruised the streets in the back of pick-up trucks with weapons in hand.

cabo azul resort

I drove past the Cabo Azul Resort, and noted that it appeared to have survived the storm from the street-side of the property. I observed some roof and facade damage along the edge of the high roof. I didn't venture to the ocean-side of the property to survey the damage.

En route to the site of my condition assessment, I saw many recently constructed buildings with structural damage. Some of the roof structures were on the ground.

I spent another long day on site mapping the damage to develop my repair estimate. There were no surprises today, except for the missing 400 ft concrete patio that once wrapped the ocean-side pool along the beach.

In the two days I've been in Cabo, it is clear that the newer lighter structures did not perform well in the high winds. Exterior walls framed with light-gage components are missing on many buildings. Many light framed roof structures are collapsed or partially collapsed. Newer buildings framed with masonry and concrete performed much better. A comparison of the local design wind speeds to the estimated hurricane wind speeds should shed some light on the performance of these buildings.

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