Restoring a Landmark Fountain at the University of Michigan

March 5, 2020
Restoring a Landmark Fountain at the University of Michigan

Construction Specifier magazine recently published an article describing comprehensive repair work to restore the iconic Cooley Memorial Fountain at the University of Michigan (U-M). The article, “Landmark Restoration: Comprehensive Repair of Michigan University Fountain,” is part of the “Advances in Landscape Architecture” supplement to the magazine’s March 2020 issue. In it, I discuss the university’s desire to address water leakage concerns at the 1940s-vintage fountain, which serves as a prominent landmark on campus. SGH performed condition assessments to investigate these issues and was part of a multidisciplinary project team to design repairs and restore the fountain, including its bronze sculptures and water features.

“Restoring the historic Cooley Memorial Fountain on the U-M campus was an exciting and challenging assignment, especially upgrading the plumbing system, a unique, seldom-seen, but important aspect of the fountain,” the article concludes. “Like many projects, all parties had to work together and be flexible to achieve the desired outcome. In the end, it was a successful restoration project that thousands of students will proudly walk past during their educational quest at the university.”

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