Wen-How Tong

Senior Principal


Mr. Tong has over thirty years of experience in seismic structural dynamics analysis and evaluations of seismic capacities of building structures and equipment of commercial nuclear power plants, DOE facilities, refineries, chip manufacturing facilities, and hospitals.  He has performed seismic fragility and seismic margins evaluations for more than thirty U.S., Canadian, and overseas (China, Taiwan, Korea, UAE, and Eastern and Western Europe) nuclear power plants.  Mr. Tong’s current assignments on seismic PRA (PSA) are the seismic fragility evaluation of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant in China, and the seismic response analyses and fragility evaluation of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in UAE, three operating nuclear power plants in Taiwan, nuclear generating stations in Canada, and two operating plants in the EDF fleet.  Mr. Tong has provided seismic PSA, seismic margins assessment, and SQUG training courses to U.S. and foreign utilities, A/E firms, and design institutes.  He has performed PRA-based seismic margins assessments for new reactors such as APR1400, USEPR, EPR, ABWR, ESBWR, and ACR 700.