Professional Development

Our employees work in a collaborative work environment that emphasizes learning and long-term professional growth.  Professional staff works on a variety of challenging assignments on multiple project teams with different project team leaders.  This flexibility allows staff to be exposed to many types of work, technical areas, and leadership models.  We expect that with adequate guidance and coaching, our professionals will take on a great deal of responsibility at an early age.

In accordance with our culture of continuous learning begun by our founders more than 50 years ago, we run a rich professional development program that supports continuing education, technical training, and management development.  We support employee participation in professional associations, partner with employees to work toward professional registration, and support attendance at seminars and conferences.

An established lunch program facilitates exchanging information about industry standards, company projects, research work, and lessons learned. 

Recognition for individual contributions and success comes in many forms.  Our system for advancement is well-structured and transparent to all.  Ownership is open to all qualified managers and technical professionals - we have over 100 employee shareholders.  We have both formal and informal non-monetary means of recognizing peoples' accomplishments. This respect and recognition is reflected in a very low voluntary turnover rate and long tenure.