April 29, 2008

Experimental validation of building vibration propagation using a four story laboratory model

By: Michael Hughes, Sanayei, Masoud, Moore, James A., Zapfe, Jeffrey A., White, Robert D.

Abstract: A 4-story scale model building was designed and constructed for the purpose of predicting vibration levels at each floor. Mathematical models of column, beam, and slab elements were developed and combined, forming a system model. Each...

April 29, 2008

Design requirements for prequalified steel moment connections: Their historic development and present-day use

By: Ronald Hamburger, Hewitt, Christopher M.

Abstract: While engineers in the Western U.S. are likely familiar with the rigorous connection design requirements instituted following the Northridge earthquake, many engineers in the central and eastern U.S. are just becoming familiar with the...

April 29, 2008

Crack propagation evaluation of polymer composite FRP panels subjected to static and cyclic loading

By: Erbay, Omer, Phillip Sharff

Abstract: This paper summarizes a multiphase analytical and experimental study on evaluating the propensity for small delaminations in fiber-reinforced-plastic (FRP) composite panels to propagate under both static and cyclic (wind) loads. Finite-...

April 29, 2008

The importance of proper detailing and design on the performance of wood assemblies exposed to the environment

By: Judson Taylor, Kuivanen, David P.

Abstract: Wood has been, and will continue to be, a valuable resource for construction. Wood is user-friendly and, properly managed and processed, environmentally friendly. While vulnerable to the environment from which it grew, properly designed...

March 30, 2008

Sill pan flashing for block-frame windows in recessed concrete openings-case studies

Abstract: Integrating sill pan window flashing can be challenging using block-frame windows or installing flashings within a recessed opening in a concrete wall. Two case studies summarize the details of design and retrofit installation for sill...

March 30, 2008

Durable, Sustainable Exteriors

Abstract: There seem to be as many wall types as there are definitions of "sustainable." Clearly, to be sustainable, the building wall must be durable - able to stand the test of time. Sustainable wall systems resist the effects of...

February 27, 2008

World Trade Center 5 Failure Analysis

By: Kevin LaMalva, Barnett, Jonathan R., Donald Dusenberry

Abstract: This article describes an analysis of the structural collapse that occurred in World Trade Center (WTC) building 5 due to fire exposure on 11 September 2001. It is hypothesized that the steel column-tree assembly failed during the...

January 30, 2008

Analysis of Live Loads on Culverts

By: Peterson D.L., Li G., Nelson C., McGrath, Timothy J.

Abstract: AASHTO Standard and LRFD Specifications differ in the manner that live loads are spread through fill onto culvert structures. Standard Specifications apply surface point loads, and spread loads at the rate of 1.75 times depths. The LRFD...

January 30, 2008

Building Blocks (the Design and Construction of the New Museum of Contemporary Art)

By: Kevin Poulin, Sean OBrien, Schneider B. H.

Abstract: The new home of New York City's New Museum of Contemporary Art was designed as a unique and bold showcase for the museum's avant-garde permanent collection. The resulting design - which resembles a tall stack of offset boxes -...

January 30, 2008

Building Engineering & Construction|History of an Important Department at MIT

Abstract: This is a personal history. It tells a story from my memory; however, many important elements may be missing.|Engineering is as old as the hills, with fascinating examples from merely old or antique, to ancient (see Stonehenge). As an...