Window Performance Testing: What You Need to Know when Selecting Windows

September 29, 2008
Publication: AEI 2008: Building Integration Solutions (Proceedings of the 2008 Architectural Engineering National Conference, September 24-27, 2008, Denver, Colorado) p 1-12
Author(s): Buchberg, Brandon S. Louis, Michael J.

Abstract: Whether you are selecting windows for a residential house or for a large commercial project, you need to know a few things before you make your selection. Do you know what you are really getting with a window having a particular performance rating? What does the performance rating mean? What procedures and practices can a designer, or owner, implement to reduce their risk? We will attempt to answer these and other concerns related to selecting windows regarding water penetration, with limited discussion related to structural performance and air infiltration. We will not attempt to address selection of windows having an adequate performance rating for a particular area. Selection of a performance rating for windows should be based on typical weather for a region and building code requirements. For the laymen owner, have the window manufacturer explain, convince, and prove to you that a certain performance rating is adequate for the location of your project. Current industry standards provide methods and guidelines for testing of windows in the laboratory for certification. Industry standards also provide methods and guidelines for testing of windows in the field that reduce testing pressures; however, designers do not have to adhere to these standards and can specify more stringent requirements as part of the project specifications.