Using spec writers properly

July 30, 2010
Publication: Consulting-Specifying Engineer p 30
Author(s): McCowan, Derek B.

Abstract: Designers delegate much of their work to specialty consultants, with one of the more common specialists being specification writers (spec writers). These specialty consultants must be integrated successfully into the design process to help achieve the desired results- a design that clearly and accurately describes the design intent and meshes with the drawings.|Spec writers typically specialize in a specific type of design document rather than a specific technical field; this sets them apart from other specialty consultants who are experts in one field. They often are required to write sections describing work for 20 or more practice areas, and few are fortunate enough to have significant practical experience in all of these fields. Qualified spec writers can be very effective when used appropriately, while improper use of these consultants can be detrimental to a project. This article presents recommendations regarding proper use of spec writers.