Structural evaluation and repair of internally damaged concrete

December 30, 2007
Publication: Forensic Engineering - Proceedings of the Fourth Forensic Engineering Congress, ASCE p 531-541
Author(s): Dodge, E.C. Matthew Sherman

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the effective use of non-destructive testing at two evaluation and repair projects involving concrete structures with internal defects. Frequently, visual inspection is insufficient to locate the extent of known or suspected damage in concrete, such as in the case of concrete undergoing internal distress, deteriorated bond of overlays, underside damage on concrete placed on grade or on stay-in-place forms, or from poor concrete consolidation. This paper presents the application of Impulse Response (IR) testing to locate internal planar fractures and micro-cracking in an elevated viaduct and to locate areas of poor concrete consolidation and horizontal cold joints in a structural slab. This paper also presents an overview of the repair methods and explains how IR testing can be used to measure the success of the repairs.