Stability of Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe

April 19, 2016
Publication: SSRC Annual Stability Conference
Author(s): Graham Cranston

Graham Cranston presented Tuesday 12 April at the 2016 Annual Stability Conference hosted by the Structural Stability Research Council. His presentation title and abstract are below.

Title: Stability of Buried Corrugated Metal Pipe
Abstract: Stability of flexible pipe relies on support from the surrounding soil. For corrugated profiles, local and distortional buckling of corrugations can limit the capacity of the pipe. This paper presents current design methods for evaluating stability of buried corrugated metal pipe (CMP), and a parametric finite element analysis. Soil support is included in the finite element analysis and its effect on the stability of the pipe is explored. The study covers a range of typical diameters, profiles, and soil stiffnesses. The results of the parametric finite element analysis are presented, and the global, local, and distortional stability of CMP is discussed. We find that soil support has a significant effect on the global stability of buried CMP, but comparatively less of an effect on the local and distortional buckling modes as smaller displacements fail to mobilize the resistance of the soil.

Services: Structural Design