Reinforcing Special Inspections

July 30, 2011
Publication: Structure Magazine p 8-10
Author(s): David Martin

Special Inspections have been part of our industry for decades, but are they as effective as they should be? While Special Inspection practices differ regionally, numerous professional organizations and individual state Structural Engineering Associations (SEA) agree that the Structural Engineer of Record (EOR/SER) should have a significant role in Special Inspections, and that structural inspections should be performed by or under the direct supervision of a licensed structural engineer. The reality, however, is that Special Inspections are often performed with minimal involvement and limited on-site presence from the EOR. The role of the EOR in Special Inspections in projects is inconsistent, and in some cases misunderstood. To make Special Inspections more effective, we should be cognizant of their background and intent, and we should educate owners and building officials of the importance of having the EOR on-site and a licensed structural engineer performing critical inspections, particularlyof atypical and complex structural details.


Services: Structural Design
Keywords: Inspection