Parking Structure Overload Damage: Investigation and Repair

December 30, 2009
Publication: SEAOC 2009 Convention Proceedings, San Diego, Structural Engineers Association of California p 461-465
Author(s): Adan, Scott M. Luft, Rene W.

Abstract: Building codes prescribe the live load requirements for the design and construction of passenger vehicle parking garages. Trucks and buses are excluded from the parking garage provisions due to the weight these heavier vehicles impose on structural elements. Unfortunately, drivers of overweight vehicles can occasionally access these structures and inflict significant structural damage. This paper provides an overview of the investigation and subsequent design and construction of repairs, to a Northern California parking garage damaged by a loaded concrete ready-mix truck. The incurred damage included severe slab cracking, deflection, and a partial collapse. The damage was primarily concentrated in the drive aisles where the truck had entered, driven through, and exited. The garage is a one-story, two-level, cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete structure that was build in the early 1970's. The repair included the use of external post-tensioning to strengthen the existing concretepost-tensioned slab system.

Markets: Parking